Food list according to the age of the child

Food list according to the age of the child - There's no end to every parent's studies and ideas about food- baby- baby food
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Food list according to the age of the child - There's no end to every parent's studies and ideas about food- baby- baby food according to the age of the child. It's veritably important to have an idea about which food should be given to the child at what age. Only mama 's bone milk is the only ideal food for six months after the baby is born. No other food can be fed during this time.

Food list according to the age of the child

There's no need to indeed water-soak and drink. From six months onwards, to meet the nutritive requirements of the baby, as well as for their normal physical growth and internal development, it's necessary to feed reciprocal foods along with mama 's bone milk. still, the child doesn't need to be fed any milk other than bone milk or colostrum as milk until the age of two times.

In fact, mama 's milk contains nearly all types of nutrients. also, the unheroic- multicolored milk that's buried from the mama 's bone incontinently after birth plays a veritably important part in precluding all kinds of conditions in the invigorated. There are numerous people who are reluctant about feeding this milk.

still, it should be flashed back that only bone milk plays an important part as the first defense for the baby. moment I'll tell you the list of food according to the age of the baby, baby food at 6- 7 months, baby food at 7- 9 months, baby food at 9- 12 months, baby food at 1- 2 months, baby calorie licks, baby food and nutrition. Questions and answers.

Food List According to Baby's Age

Every child needs acceptable nutrition for proper growth.
Add iodine-rich foods to your diet. Iodine is an essential element for the mortal body.

Children are beautiful. And invigorated means another name for love and care. There's no cover for mama 's milk for the baby after birth. Mother's milk is the stylish food. Breastfeeding does not need to be timed. When the child is empty, the mama feels it. Only also can the baby be fed. But as the baby grows, it needs other foods besides mama 's milk. reciprocal food should be given to the baby after the baby completes 6 months. Let's find out what the child's diet should look like at different periods.

Children's food list according to different periods

Baby food for 6- 7 months

At this age, the weight of the child is about 6 kg and he needs 700 kilocalories. This is when reciprocal foods should bestarted.However, the children can taste the food and don't want to eat it, If it's latterly than this.

Baby's first food can be started by cooking banana paste with milk or semolina with milk. Rice greasepaint, flouretc. can also be boiled and adulterated with milk. Seasonal fruits like ripe banana, ripe papaya, sweet fruits can be given to the baby to meet the vitamin requirements.

7 – 9 months baby food

At this age the child is kindly
mature and suitable to eat fruits and grains. At this time the sweet demand of food needs to be increased. The quantum of water in the food can be reduced and the food can be given in a slightly thicker thickness. At this time, the baby tries to eat with his own hands and let him eat as he likes.Color increases magnet to it, food also increases magnet. At this time, boiled potatoes, boiled seasonal vegetables can be eaten as simple submissive food. similar vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, papaya, when boiled, these vegetables come soft which is digestible by the baby. Little oil painting should be added to baby food. As a result, vitamins in fat are fluently absorbed.

9-12 months baby food list is given

At this time, food can be given nearly like grown-ups. Children can eat further thick food than ahead. Foods similar as soft khichuri, boiled eggs, beats, rice, milk- chuck
, curd, milk, puddingetc. should be fed to the child. They're also nutritive supplements. The haze can be prepared for the baby and given 4- 5 times.

1- 2 Times Baby Food List

Normal food at home can be given to children like grown-ups. But it's better to give soft and less racy food. 100 kcal per kg of body weight should be handed from thick food rather than thin food. A small quantum of oil painting and sugar is demanded for a baby of this age. During this time, 50-75 grams of food should be given once every 2-3 hours 5-6 times.
Food list according to the age of the child

Child's Calorie demand Map 1

Age( months) Sweet demand
  • 0- 3 120
  • 3- 6 115
  • 6- 9 110
  • 9- 12 105
Average 112

Questions and Answers on Baby Food and Nutrition

1. What to feed the baby for the first 6 months?

Answer bone milk.

2. How numerous times should you continue suckling?

Answer According to the World Health Organization you should breastfeed for two times or further.

3. When can children drink water?

Answer After 6 months

4. When to start giving solid food?

Answer 6 months

5. What solid food to start with?

Answer You can start with banana puree, apple puree, pear puree, oatmeal porridge, sabudana porridge, funk and vegetable khichdi. Our blog has formerly featured food maps for babies progressed 7 – 12 months.

6. Does eating oats make children lose weight?

Answer: No. Oats do not make children lose weight. We have been feeding Oats to baby since 7 months and it has helped him maintain good health.

7. Since when children can be given oats?

Answer: From 7 months.

8. Which brand of oats is best for babies?

Answer: Gerber Oats. It is the number 1 infant oats brand according to pediatricians. Iron is essential for children's brain development, so eat foods rich in the vitamin as much as you can. Just two servings of Gerber Oats meet your baby's iron needs.

9. Can banana puree be given if the child has a cold?

Answer: Of course it can be given. It is a misconception that children should not be given bananas if they have a cold.

10. Does vitamin C get lost when apples are boiled?

Answer: Yes, some vitamin C is lost, but other nutrients such as protein, sugar, fiber and fat remain intact.

11. Which rice khichuri to feed? Red binni rice or white rice?

Answer: Red binni rice is more nutritious. Red binni rice has more nutrients and fiber than white rice.

12. When can I give eggs?

Answer: Seventh month

13. How many quail eggs can be given to children every day?

Answer: 2 quail eggs per day can be given to children (up to 7 months – 3 years).

14. Which one is more nutritious between quail eggs and chicken eggs?

Answer: According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), quail eggs contain more iron, vitamin B12, folate, protein, and phosphorus than chicken eggs (source). Considering that, quail eggs are more nutritious. Quail eggs prevent asthma.

Food list according to the age of the child

15. Can egg whites be given to children under one year old?

Answer: Egg whites should not be given to your baby in the first year.

16. From when can I feed the baby cow's milk?

Answer: 2 years +

17. When can I give the baby fish?

Answer: 8–9 months.

18. What kind of fish can be given to the child at the beginning?

Answer: Desi Rui, Katla, Magur, Shing, Pabda and Shoal fish.

19. Children can be given sea fish from when?

Answer: Marine fish such as mackerel, tuna, shrimp and salmon contain mercury. So these can be given from 1 year+.

20. Which vegetable is best to start with?

Answer: Carrot, sweet pumpkin, green papaya and gourd

21. When can beef be given?

Answer: Beef is an excellent source of iron and can be given from 7 months onwards.

22. When can honey be given?

Answer: 1 year +

23. When to add peanuts, walnuts and other nuts to your child's diet?

A: We started giving almonds at 8 months and our baby has taken to it very well. However, nuts can cause allergies in some children. Nuts are important for children's brain development.

24. What are the causes of food intolerance in children?

A: We have already conducted a survey on our Facebook group. Of these, 36% of parents said their child did not want to eat anything. Causes of food aversions:

Zinc deficiency.

Iron deficiency.

Disgust during teething.

Any physical illness.

Some foods can cause allergies which can cause aversion in children.

25. What foods enhance taste?





Pomegranate, orange

mint leaves

26. What are iron-rich foods for children?

Answer: Veggies, beef, liver, sweet pumpkin seeds, chicken.

27. When can children be given any fruit?

Answer: Name of fruit is time

Pear, Malta, Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Dub, Date, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Dragon, Watermelon, Lemon, Orange, Avocado, Papaya, Kiwi 7 months

Grapes 10 months

Pineapple 1 year

Jackal 1.5 years

28. Currently, coronavirus is a deadly disease. If the situation is like that of India, oxygen deficiency may also occur in our country. Which foods naturally increase oxygen levels in the body of mother and baby?

Answer: Beets, peanuts, walnuts, broccoli, carrots, pomegranates, strawberries, cranberries, ginger, garlic and oily fish. Apart from this, drinking plenty of water every day will have many benefits for the body.

29. Are breastfed babies more intelligent than formula fed babies?

Answer: Yes, breastfed babies are quite intelligent. Breast milk contains a natural antibody that helps boost the immune system of babies.

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