How To Treat Dengue Fever

How To Treat Dengue Fever-Dengue fever is sent by the chomp of a mosquito contaminated with a dengue infection. Side effects are normally influenza
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How To Treat Dengue Fever-Dengue fever is sent by the chomp of a mosquito contaminated with a dengue infection. Side effects are normally influenza like yet can form into serious dengue (dengue hemorrhagic fever), a dangerous condition. Getting tainted a subsequent time builds your gamble of extreme side effects. Assuming you have proactively been contaminated with dengue once, you can get the antibody.

How To Treat Dengue

Dengue in Pregnancy

Dengue in Pregnancy: 

Can the fetus be harmed by dengue? If so, what is the treatment? 

Pregnant Women: 

Dengue during pregnancy is a matter of great concern. Dengue during pregnancy can harm the fetus? How do you know when dengue is diagnosed that the situation has become worse? What to do then?

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease. Dengue is a virus of the deadly Flaviviridae family. When a female Aedes aegypti mosquito bites a person infected with dengue virus, the mosquito enters the body of the dengue virus. If the mosquito then bites another healthy person, that person becomes infected with the dengue virus. These mosquitoes usually bite during the day. It does not end here. Since mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs, the same mosquito can collect blood from the body of more than one person. As a result, some people can get infected with dengue. Even a pregnant woman is at risk of contracting dengue. Not only this, if a pregnant woman is infected with dengue, the fetus can also be infected with dengue. Dengue causes some complications due to which there is danger of life of pregnant mother and unborn child.


The symptoms of dengue are the same in all cases—

• High fever. Fever can rise from 102 to 104. 

• Also body ache 

• Pain in the groin 

• Pain behind the eyes 

• Sharp pain in the head 

• Dizziness 

• Vomiting 

• Nausea 

• Sore throat 

• Skin rash etc.

Most patients usually recover with simple treatment. No complications arise. However, few people may experience complications. There is a risk of hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome in such patients. As a result, there is a risk of multiple organ failure.

How To Treat Dengue | Dengue Mosquito-Dengue In Pregnancy

In such a situation, the patient's life may be in danger. So be aware of the early symptoms of dengue. The patient may also experience drop in blood pressure, liver disturbances, bleeding from multiple organs.

In addition, some patients shiver with cold, speech becomes incoherent, the body becomes very weak. Abdominal pain continues.

Dengue Mosquito-Dengue In Pregnancy
Dengue Mosquito

Dengue virus can also enter the body of the fetus and even newborns can be infected with dengue virus at birth. However, there are usually no major problems with the fetus. Some studies have shown that complications such as low birth weight or premature birth due to dengue are rare.

When to seek medical attention?

If dengue positive, definitely consult a doctor. If the disease is diagnosed too late or if the disease becomes complicated, it can affect the pregnancy. Even fetuses can have problems. Any ill effects can be prevented if the virus is identified and treated at the right time. The life of mother and child can also be saved.


Dengue in pregnancy is often diagnosed late. Because some people have problems like vomiting and dizziness during pregnancy. As a result, it is very important to understand whether it is dengue or pregnancy - due to which physical symptoms are occurring. So, if you have any doubt, do the test first, take the doctor's advice.

Besides, as the saying goes, prevention is the remedy. So wear full sleeve clothes during this time to avoid dengue mosquito bites. You can use mosquito repellent. You can apply anti-mosquito cream as advised by the doctor. Sleep with a mosquito net. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house and in the area.

Pregnant women must be under medical supervision. Because platelets decrease in dengue. As a result, there is a risk of complications during childbirth. So platelets should be given if necessary. Besides, the doctor will ask the patient to take other therapies if necessary. They need to be followed properly.

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