Newborn Hiccups After Feeding

Newborn hiccups after feeding - Many babies of all ages, from newborns onwards, experience unwanted hiccups during feeding.
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Newborn hiccups after feeding - Many babies of all ages, from newborns onwards, experience unwanted hiccups during feeding. Although hiccups are quite normal, many times parents get worried about it. In today's article, I will talk about some easy tips to prevent unwanted hiccups.

Newborn hiccups after feeding

How do babies get hiccups in the womb

First of all, let's find out what could be the reason for unwanted hiccups in the baby. Hiccups are usually caused by discomfort in the baby's diaphragm. The diaphragm lies below the lungs. If there is pressure on the diaphragm while the baby is eating, then the baby starts hiccups.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Hiccups

10 tips to prevent unwanted hiccups in the baby

1. If the baby is breastfed, give the baby some breast milk as soon as the hiccups start. Then the liquid milk will soften and smooth the baby's food passage and the diaphragm will return to normal.

2. If the baby eats other foods besides breast milk, give the baby soft food when the hiccups occur. In this case applesauce, rice cereal, mashed banana can be a good solution.

Newborn hiccups after feeding
3. If the child is 1 year or older, give him plain liquid water. The diaphragm will also return to normal. However, it is better not to feed the baby with water from a glass. It is best to use water bottles with nipples for babies of this age.

4. Slow down the baby's feedings once the hiccups stop. Hiccups may occur more if you feed in a hurry. So feed the baby little by little. If you don't want to eat, don't force it. Feed again after a while if necessary.

5. Sometimes the baby's position during feeding can also cause hiccups. So whenever you feed the baby, try to make the baby sit upright. In this, the diaphragm stays in its normal position and there is no problem in the passage of food.

6. If your baby is more than 6 months old then you can feed him little sugar when hiccups occur. Put a pinch of sugar under his tongue. The child will eat itself. Although it has no scientific explanation or recognition, it is sometimes quite effective according to ancient methods.

7. If the baby hiccups a lot, stop feeding the baby. Make him lie down and massage his back lightly. In this, the uncomfortable situation of the diaphragm will gradually return to normal.

8. If the baby hiccups are regular, then you can get Gripe Water from the pharmacy. Gripe water is a mixture of ginger, ether, phenol and some other chemicals. Gripe Water mixed with two drops of water and fed to the baby in a dropper will reduce hiccups.

9. Sometimes the hiccups stop even if the baby's attention is diverted. For example, try to make the baby laugh when he hiccups. Bring a rattle toy, or display something that will attract the child's attention. It reduces hiccups in many cases.

10. However, there are certain things to avoid. Many unknowingly do the following things which can cause pain to the baby in many cases. For example –

Newborn hiccups after feeding

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Do not try to startle your baby. This may work sometimes in adults but can be counterproductive in children.

Do not insert fingers into baby's mouth.

Do not shake the baby. It may cause vomiting in the child.Do not apply excessive force to the head or neck.

Don't pat your back instead of massaging it.

As mentioned earlier, hiccups are very common. However, if the child is more uncomfortable, it is possible to reduce the child's hiccups by following the above tips.

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