Baby Food Nutrition Facts - More Nutrition Complete Baby Food List

Nutritional value of baby food – Every parent wants their child to eat nutritious food, but children do not want to eat foods that are high in nutrien
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Baby Food Nutrition Facts

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Nutritional value of baby food – Every parent wants their child to eat nutritious food, but children do not want to eat foods that are high in nutrients So today I will tell you about some nutritious foods that you can easily make at home and feed your baby. Nutritious foods are usually made with fish, meat, milk, eggs, pulses, vegetables etc.

Baby Food Nutrition Facts - More Nutrition Complete Baby Food List

1. Khichuri

Two handfuls of rice, one handful of pulses, little oil, one egg or one piece of fish/meat, one handful of vegetables should be cooked together to make khichuri. Can be fed two to three times daily.

2. Nutritional powder

Nutri powder is made by combining the powder of different types of pulses. Its nutritional value can be increased by mixing almonds, sugar, carrots, sweet pumpkin, orange juice, bananas etc. It is also called "home made cerelak".

3. Vegetable Pie

Multi-Vegetable Pitha is a nutritious dish made by mixing various staple grains like rice, pulses and vegetables. When rice, pulses and vegetables are mixed together, it increases the quality of meat.

4. Small fish chops

Small fish chops are eaten with breakfast or main meal. To prepare it, rice powder, kachki / mala / puti / etc. fish and vegetables are used. Different types of vegetables are used here which provide different types of vitamins, mineral salts and food grains. Rice flour increases the caloric value of food. And small fish contains vitamin A D and calcium.

5. Collier Chop

Kolija is a nutritious food made from rice flour, chicken/khasi/mutton/beef liver and vegetables. Liver is a first-class meat that contains adequate amounts of iron, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, vegetables are used in it which contain vitamins and minerals.

6. Sagu Potato Bara

Sago Potato Bara is a nutritious snack rich in four types of nutrients. Sago is rich in sufficient sugars and calories. Vitamin B complex is also available from it. Adding eggs to it makes it a better meal. Vegetables are vitamins and minerals that increase the body's immune system.

7. Sweet potato halwa

Potato halwa is a seasonal dish rich in variety. Sweet potato is a sugar-rich root vegetable that contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin-C, calcium, potassium, etc., which helps in regulating various functions of the body and increasing immunity. Cooking with ghee increases its nutritional value. More nutrition complete baby food list.

8. Fruit custard

Fruit custard is an ideal, nutritious and at the same time delicious food for kids. Food can be given two to three days a week. Different types of fruits are used in this food which is very beneficial for the baby. Children do not want to eat fruit. So in this way you can make fruit custard and feed the child fruit.

9. Lentil and vegetable soup

Dalu sabzi soup is a delicious and nutritious food for children at the same time. It contains iron, vitamins, calcium, folic acid and essential minerals. As it is a tasty food, children eat vegetables and pulses very easily.

10. Carrot apple soup

Carrot apple soup is a very tasty dish. It contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, as well as dietary fiber, which is very useful for the body.

11. Barley or sand soup

Barley is a nutritious grain that is rich in nutrients, iron and dietary fiber. Nutritional value can be increased by cooking with pulses.

Apart from these dishes, various homemade dishes can be prepared. Which are full of nutrients and useful for the child's mental development and physical health. We offer homemade puddings, pasta, milkshakes, various salads, fruit juices.

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