How to take care of your skin in winter

Winter skin care - Winter is here. Be careful with your skin care this coming. In order for the skin to remain beautiful, fresh and bright, it is nece
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How to take care of your skin in winter

Winter skin care - Winter is here. Be careful with your skin care this coming. In order for the skin to remain beautiful, fresh and bright, it is necessary to avoid excessive sunlight, i.e. ultraviolet rays.

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For this situation, the primary thing to consider is skin tone. The more white the skin, the more delicate the skin is to daylight. Along with this various skin problems started. So begin taking additional consideration of your skin from here on out. It will reduce dryness in winter and make the skin smooth and healthy. So today I will let you know how to deal with your skin in winter.

1. Hydrate the skin

Choose a good moisturizer to start your winter skin care routine. Purchase a cream with almond oil or avocado on the lookout. They help maintain the skin's natural moisture. Use as often as the skin is dry.

2. Using sunscreen

Don't think that just because winter is approaching, the need to use sunscreen has diminished. Indeed, even in winter, use sunscreen with SPF 15-30 30 minutes prior to heading outside.

3. Maintain moisture

In winter, sprinkle water all over sometimes to keep your skin sodden. The skin will not be dry easily.

4. Do not use extra hot water

Regardless of whether you feel open to during the shower, try not to clean up and head with super heated water. Water that is too hot damages the skin follicles on the face that help keep the skin moist. A few drops of jojoba or almond oil in the bath water helps to hydrate and smooth the skin.

4. Take care of wet skin

Use a moisturizer or lotion after showering and every time you wash your face. It keeps the skin moist.

5. Lip care

We should never wet our lips with a boom. A few drops of olive oil mixed with honey and applied on the lips will never cause chapped lips.

6. Time to put on makeup

Try not to utilize a fluid establishment while putting on cosmetics. Use a cream foundation in winter.

7. Hair care

Never go outside with wet hair in winter. This causes loss of hair dampness and hair breakage.

8. Wear a hat

Wear a cap to keep your hair and scalp clammy. But be careful that the hat is not too tight.

Men's skin care in winter

Neither boy nor girl understands the harshness of winter. It easily attacks our innocent skin. And our skin can get damaged with a bit of carelessness. Even if men are indifferent to skin care, they don't have such a chance in winter. Since, supposing that you don't deal with your skin, you will end up being a harsh and dry individual. These seven things should be done to keep the skin healthy, beautiful and fresh in winter-

1. For now, keep the habit of using soap to clean your face. Because the high pH of soap can damage your skin. So it is ideal to utilize a cleaning agent to clean your face. It keeps the skin moist and cleans the face properly. Cleaning your face with a cleanser is a good practice all year round, even in winter.

2. In men's skin care, exfoliate regularly. This will keep your skin healthy. It removes dead skin cells and hydrates it very easily. Shedding for five or ten minutes two days seven days is sufficient to keep up with sound skin.

3. In winter, the lips are most affected. As the lips are the most delicate part, they are an obvious objective in winter. In addition to using lip balm or glycerin, you need to take care of your lips regularly. You can clean your lips infrequently to keep them sound.

4. Keeping your skin moist or keeping your skin hydrated is most important during winter. Because skin loses moisture quickly in dry winter weather. Using a moisturizer on your skin during this time will eliminate dry skin problems and keep your skin soft and hydrated.

5. Winter will come and the ankles won't crack, that's not happening! Practically all men deal with this issue in winter. You understand that you have to be extra careful to survive this winter torture. In addition to foot care, attention should also be paid to footwear. During this time, it will be comfortable to wear closed-toe shoes.

Socks must be worn. And if your feet are cracked, then soak your feet in warm water for a while. Then apply a good foot cream.

6. When winter comes, most men neglect bathing. But you have to bathe regularly to stay clean. And so he became addicted to warm water. However, bathing in too hot water is harmful to the skin. This makes the skin more dry. So to stay away from cold water, clean up with tepid water.

7. Beards increase the beauty of men several times. However, battling the dryness of winter and keeping a wonderful facial hair growth is definitely not a simple errand. During this time, your facial hair can become dry and break without any problem. In this case, beard oil is needed. Apply well to beard and under skin. It will help keep your beard soft and moisturized.

Various natural packages for winter skin care

Skin needs more care in winter. In this way, we can make various natural wraps for winter skin. Which can remove skin roughness, dryness. Packages are-

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is usually very effective for all types of skin fatty acids and antioxidants, not just your face, but the whole body care. Half an hour before the bath, rub olive oil in the face and the whole body. After that, make a light hot bath and apply the moisturizer

Mix olive oil, brown sugar and honey to make material like dense cream, then lightly rub this mixture. Massage with little pressure, so that all the dead cells in your body come up after it, bathe and apply a light moisturizer

2. Book/ yogurt

Irritation or itching problems are often seen on rough, dry, fractured skin. If that is the case, soak a soft cloth or cotton in cold yogurt or milk. Use this plate for at least five minutes. It will remove the skin irritation of your skin under the effect of lactic acid present in yogurt or milk.

Mix honey with raw milk. Then apply it on your whole body before bathing this coating is when the plate is dry, wash and bathe and bath can be made with yogurt

3. Aloe Vera

Aloevara is a plant that grows very easily when applied to the tub, take an aloe vera leaf, cut it from the middle to the middle and apply it to the skin. The irritation, itching will be reduced at this point, as well as the moisture can be cured, this shell or prison is made to cover your skin, so that pollution does not affect your skin.

4. Coconut

In addition to the skin of the face and body, the ankle, knee, elbow need special care, especially in winter. Otherwise, they first become rough and black, when the skin is crushed keeps the skin of this part in the water, you will understand which one is enough moisture

Coconut oil is usually frozen in the winter to apply dense skin to moist skin and on top of the socks or long sleeve go to sleep after pajamas If you draw several days you will understand the difference yourself

5. Atmill

Today, the oatmeal has been used in skin care for thousands of years, and the oats will be best for the best work, in a blender, with the first powder of powder.

After that, spread a cup of water to the bath bathtub with this powder and spread it well with your hands. You have to see that the bottom is not off but lie in this water for 15-20 minutes. Oatmeal cleanses the skin, provides moisture to the antioxidant that maintains brightness in it

6. Kamleboo

Vitamin C present in orange has long sacrificed the use of orange, sustaining, flour or basin plate. Do not eat orange as you eat this winter, keep it dry in all the sun. You can use the powder later.

7. Messnie

It sounds a bit strange to hear, but Myonies are also effective in restoring the moisture of the skin. However, to enhance the taste, the Mayonais are usually added to salt, pepper, master powder, etc. Before adding these things, otherwise keep some out of the mask for use, the skin will respond to

Mix a small baby oil with the mayonnaise produced by mixing egg yolk and oil. After that, apply to the face, neck, elbow, the smell of the egg is a bit hard before the bath, if you can bear it, this pack has no answer!

8. Honey and ripe bananas

Mix ripe bananas and honey Apply the face together, then wash it for 20-25 minutes and apply a moisturizer. As a result, the skin will be used regularly, moisture will become soft and soft. Ripe bananas, honey and slices can also be very good on dry skin. Honey can be used freely with other packs

9. Omond oil

Amanda oil contains a lot of vitamin E and it enhances the brightness of your skin and makes the skin smooth. The skin absorbs this oil very easily but it is not felt. Make a pack by mixing a few drops of Amanda oil and honey with the aloe vera gel. Wait for 15-20 minutes on the face and rinse it in a little hot water.

10. Avocado

Natural oils present in avocado eliminate dryness of the skin and become soft and soft. To mix some honey as well and make a pack, you will get better results

11. Colet.

Brightness comes from the caffeine present in the chocolate at the same time, chocolate fat is a moisturizer gold dark face, neck, neck, in your hands

Keep an eye on the bottom of the eye and the lips so that it does not pack. After that, turn your hand at a circular speed and take the massage on the face, wash it in a little hot water and apply a moisturizer.

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