Kidney Patient Food | How to Improve Kidney Function

Food for kidney patients- The number of kidney patients is increasing day by day. This problem is due to changes in people's lifestyle,
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Kidney Patient Food

Food for kidney patients- The number of kidney patients is increasing day by day. This problem is due to changes in people's lifestyle, food adulteration and many other reasons. Many people are getting kidney failure at a young age.

If kidney problems occur, lifestyle changes should be made. Calculate the food to be eaten. Eating the right foods is important to slow the rise in blood creatinine levels.

Foods rich in potassium

If you follow the right diet, it is possible to control the level of creatine in the blood. Kidney function varies from patient to patient. The amount of electrolytes in the blood, the level of hemoglobin, the amount of urea and uric acid, the amount of albumin in the blood and urine and the level of creatinine should be adjusted. Today I will tell you about kidney patient food, what kidney patients should pay attention to, vegetables that should not be eaten.

1. Vegetables

Vegetables are calculated based on blood potassium, uric acid levels, phosphorus etc. If kidney problems occur, vegetables rich in purine and potassium, slippery and dark red vegetables should be avoided. Drinking vegetables such as pumpkin, chichinga, jinga etc. are beneficial for kidney patients. While beneficial, it is also important to adhere to their dosage. Raw vegetable salad, vegetable soup etc. should be avoided by kidney patients.

2. Results

Many people stop eating fruit when they have kidney disease, which is not healthy. In this case, the result should be determined by considering the level of potassium in the blood. However, kidney patients have to be careful in eating fruits. Results are determined by considering oxalic acid, uric acid, potassium, blood pressure and more. Three-four fruits are given in limited form depending on the patient. For example: apple, ripe papaya, guava etc.

3. Salt

A salt or sodium controlled diet is important in kidney patients. Salt measurements are based on blood pressure, blood sodium levels, edema, or body water measurements. Two to five grams of salt is usually prescribed, depending on your physical condition and the dietitian. Separate salt intake should be avoided and foods with excess sodium should be avoided.

For example- chips, papad, chanachur, pickles etc., which not only help in the treatment of kidney disease but also help in prevention of kidney disease.

4. Liquids or drinks

Fluid intake control is important in kidney patients. Tea, milk, water are all considered liquids. How much fluid is allocated to a patient will depend on the patient's condition. Milk should not be drunk with a net that is too dark.

One to one and a half liters, sometimes up to two liters of fluid is allocated based on body edema, hemoglobin levels, sodium levels, EGSR levels. Many people drink extra water to heal diseased kidneys—this is wrong.

Where kidney patients should look

Apart from Chichinga, gourd, bitter gourd, beech, eat vegetables such as cucumber, sajna, dantashak, red cabbage, kachushak, shrimp, papaya, helencha.

Vegetables that should not be eaten

Cauliflower, Cabbage, Spinach, Kachu, Radish, Puishak, Radish, Carrot, Jackfruit seed, Bean seed, Mulashak etc.

Eat animal meat, such as fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc. in limited quantities.

Don't eat bananas, bananas, grapes at all, because they are high in potassium. Blood potassium levels tend to increase in kidney patients.

Fruits with low potassium; For example – apple, guava, ripe papaya, pear etc.

Protein should be kept in the patient's diet based on the degree of the disease. For example, protein levels should be determined depending on the patient's blood creatinine, body weight, dialysis, and how many times a week.

For example, 0.5-0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight is required after kidney disease is diagnosed. 0.5 g for severe patients.

Questions and answers about kidney disease

1. Question: There are many people who fear kidney problems when their back hurts or urine is yellow. What are the symptoms of kidney disease?

Answer: In fact, 70 to 80 percent of the symptoms of kidney failure are not manifested before the failure. In this condition, it can be seen that there is aversion to food, nausea, sometimes swelling of the eyes and face when waking up, that is, the area under the eyes is heavy. Besides, slowly anemia occurs. Face becomes pale.

If there is more risk, the body will itch for no reason, the skin color will change. Have to urinate often at night. Some may develop high blood pressure.

In general, the body is one. When it is severely affected, all organs gradually become involved. For this reason, this disease is called silent killer

2. Question: Is kidney failure only?

Answer: No. It is never just the kidneys that fail. This is the end result of many diseases. Those diseases can be detected in the early stages. For example - if the urine ever decreases. Or someone is finding that they used to urinate at night and are now having it.

Burning during urination. Some urine remains after urination. It is accompanied by pain and tenderness on both sides of the hip. Again it appears that there is a lot of foam in the urine. If the mouth swells, it should be considered as inflammation of the kidneys.

Again it is seen that the urine is red which means blood is passing with the urine. However, this bleeding can be due to many reasons such as kidney stones. May be if there is a tumor. Blood in the urine can occur for many reasons. Sometimes taking vitamins can cause urine to turn yellow. Again, it turns yellow even if you drink less water. Urine is yellow even after waking up in the morning. It is not really a disease.

3. Question: Are there any signs or factors that would make the patient understand that his kidney is deteriorating?

Answer: A very important question. I have mentioned many symptoms about urine. In addition, there may be pain in the hip. There may be pain in the lower abdomen. But I have already said that 90% of the pain in the hip is from the spine. There are some organs in the back of our abdomen that can also cause pain if there is a tumor or lesion in them. But usually 10th division is for kidney.

If there are stones in the kidney, tumor, any blockage in the flow of urine can be due to all these reasons.

4. Question: What are the main symptoms that the patient will understand that he has a kidney problem?

Answer: There are a few things to keep in mind which are important.

If the body swells, and that swelling starts from the face.

If the amount of urine is less than normal.

If the urine is red or bloody.

If there is pain on both sides of the hip. This pain can also occur in the lower abdomen.

If high blood pressure occurs.

Moreover, there are some diseases which must be examined by the kidneys. For example: if someone is diabetic, has high blood pressure, if someone has swollen face, if someone is overweight than normal, if there is a person who does not move much - sits and works, who has chronic pain in the ear. If you have to take medicine and those who are used to drinking less water, if there is a history of kidney disease in the family, kidney examination should be done at least twice a year.

5. Q: Is kidney disease rare?

Answer: In 2019, statistics obtained from a survey by a private organization called Kidney Foundation show that about two crore people in Bangladesh are suffering from kidney disease in one way or another. And 40,000 of the affected people's kidneys are completely useless every year.

6. Question: Drinking more water is good for the kidneys?

Answer: Drinking two to two and a half liters of water a day is enough for an adult. However, if there is excessive heat or physical exertion, an infection or bleeding, pregnant women may need more water

7. Q: Is frequent urination a good sign of kidney health?

Answer: No, in fact it is quite the opposite. Healthy kidneys can concentrate up to 2 cups of urine and effectively remove waste from the body. Diseased kidneys lose their ability to do this. In fact, frequent urination is an abnormality that is one of the first signs of kidney disease.

Diseased kidneys that are unable to concentrate produce large amounts of urine without removing waste products. This results in frequent urination and subsequently increased thirst. Other diseases that cause frequent urination include uncontrolled diabetes, prostate problems, and hormonal imbalances.

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