Call for bids: Promoting education on consent in Romania

English Consulate Bucharest welcomes project recommendations to advance schooling on assent and related issues for Romanian youngsters.
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Call for bids: Promoting education on consent in Romania

English Consulate Bucharest welcomes project recommendations to advance training on assent among Romanian youth.

Cutoff time for submitting project offers is 10 November 2022.


English Consulate Bucharest welcomes project recommendations to advance schooling on assent and related issues for Romanian youngsters. This is essential for a more extensive English Consulate arrangement of undertakings looking to help endeavors to work on the freedoms of ladies and young ladies in Romania, close by a long term program of tasks on Current Bondage and Illegal exploitation.

In the initial a half year of 2021, 10,643 Romanian ladies and little kids revealed battery and other viciousness, in 65% of the cases the culprit was their accomplice or ex-accomplice. 84% of the occurrences happened in their home. The Police mediated in 28,486 instances of aggressive behavior at home, out of which 7,659 were of high gamble. 22 ladies were killed. What's more, episodic proof recommends that the instances of lewd behavior among understudies has gone up, in a nation where 33% of the ladies report a lewd behavior of some sort. Romania is likewise the EU country with the largest number of dealt casualties to the UK.

Comprehension of assent is a significant piece of forestalling rape and savagery against ladies. It likewise advances better friendly mentalities towards ladies and a more extensive comprehension of regarding individual independence. It would likewise add to schooling on sound connections and address viciousness inside connections.

In this specific circumstance, we would invite offers for projects, with an all out spending plan of 48,500 RON, which would further develop schooling on assent in Romania, focused on at both young fellows and ladies. These ventures can give training around assent straightforwardly, or produce materials and potential open doors for instructors to utilize them.


to work on's how youngsters might interpret assent, including, yet not restricted to assent in a relationship

to work on's how youngsters might interpret how an absence of assent or controlled assent can comprise maltreatment in various conditions; including brutality and rape, yet additionally different types of coercive control and misuse

Extent of Work

The task ought to have a public reach, where conceivable, yet we will consider designated pilot projects. It ought to likewise hope to fabricate enduring assets to be used past the prompt existence of the task.


It is fundamental that the task implementer constructs compelling connections to get purchase in at a strategy and functional level for this venture to find lasting success. Potential exercises could include:

preparing for educators in secondary schools on assent training

making an internet based guide that makes sense of the standards of assent and that can be handily gotten to by understudies

instructive meetings for secondary school understudies on assent

crusades focusing on youngsters, advancing assent

pilot projects that can be utilized as a proof base to advance further schooling on assent

This is certainly not a thorough rundown and the English Government office invites inventive recommendations from potential carrying out accomplices that propose extra or elective exercises to convey the key goals. We energize inventive proposition and thoughts.

Project approach

English Government office Bucharest will support project recommendations. This proposition will frame the reason for project arranging. The proposition ought to set out how the carrying out accomplice will convey exercises to help the targets set out above with an execution plan and supporting movement based spending plan. English Consulate Bucharest will regulate the task arranging and give the fundamental contacts to the implementers, incorporating as expected with Romanian specialists.

The task implementer will oversee project coordinated factors and is supposed to consider the pandemic setting and its conceivable effect on the undertaking execution while presenting the bid.

The Consulate will give contact people and central focuses for UK establishments or potentially necessary specialists simultaneously, remembering for UK strategy on schooling on assent.

The most effective method to offer

Our interaction will comprise of a one-stage full bid proposition.

Offers ought to be finished in English. You should finish and present the accompanying reports:

Project Proposition Bid Structure For Implementers (ODT, 48.4 KB)

Movement based spending plan layout (ODS, 9.82 KB)

Email these records to and The subject of the email ought to be: name of executing association and title of the undertaking.

The venture supports maintain whatever authority is needed to demand extra data from bidders prior to going with a choice.

Movement based financial plans ought to list the exercises expected to convey the results (aftereffects) of the undertaking. All expenses ought to be in Romanian New Lei (RON).

Cutoff time for submitting project offers is 10 November 2022.


The reports to be created over the span of this task are to be conveyed in English:

a commencement note specifying approach and proposed exercises. This ought to likewise set out key partners who will be locked in, a proposed timetable of exercises, chances, defending methodology and any extra subtleties, including a correspondences plan

a draft report

three month to month monetary reports

after a worked with interaction of remarking, the last report

Sythesis of the undertaking groups

The English International safe haven Bucharest will name a Task Chief, English Consulate Bucharest (Goran Mandic, first Secretary) and a Venture Director, (Andrada Petrache, Senior Political Official) to regulate the undertaking conveyance.

Project recommendations ought to show that the executing accomplice's staffing levels are fitting to convey the points of the undertaking and that the staff have applicable ability and involvement with chipping away at anticipation of rape and orientation based savagery, and training on these subjects in Romania, as well as definite information on the Romanian setting. They ought to likewise have a verifiable history of working with youngsters and the schooling system in Romania.

Timing and extent of info

The offering round is an open and cutthroat interaction, surveyed by English Consulate Bucharest. The chose accomplice will be reached by mid November. When a bid is supported, an Award Understanding will be endorsed with the fruitful bidders. In the records segment you will track down an illustration of an Award Understanding.

Your association will be supposed to sign the agreement in somewhere around multi week of the assets being granted. Inability to do so may bring about the assets being redistributed. The carrying out association will be expected to submit report refreshes and a last assessment of the venture.

There are no pre-installments. Repayments will be finished whenever exercises have occurred and all receipts submitted. Carrying out associations will demand reimbursements utilizing a receipt (counting receipts and a monetary report of spend) and the reimbursements will be done during those dates settled upon in the particular agreement.

The spending plan ought to be introduced in Romanian New Lei (RON). All installments will be made in RON to a ledger held in Romania.

If it's not too much trouble, send any inquiries with respect to the call for offers to

It is normal that the undertaking will be done from mid-November 2022 to end Walk 2023. The pivotal achievements will be:

the accommodation of the draft report: January 2023

last report: Walk 2023

Financial plan

Award applications should incorporate an expected spending plan of no less than 48,500 RON.

Contingent upon the nature of the recommendations, the English Consulate holds the right not to give all or part of the accessible assets. The Consulate likewise maintains whatever authority is needed to grant an award of not exactly the sum mentioned by the candidates. In such a case, candidates will be approached to build the sum that they co-finance, to propose other co-supporting means or to diminish the all out costs without changing the substance of the proposition.

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