How to take care of the skin in the winter

We need to be aware of skin care as soon as the winter arrives to take care of the skin in the winter. To keep you beautiful and bright, you need to a
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How to take care of the skin in the winter

What is the best skin care routine for winter?

We need to be aware of skin care as soon as the winter arrives to take care of the skin in the winter. To keep you beautiful and bright, you need to avoid excess sunlight. Otherwise, the skin can become rough and crisp. Winter skin wants extra care.

How can I take care of my face naturally in winter?

I will give you some ideas on how to take care of the skin today.

The problems that are more visible on the skin in the winter are

The skin appears rough and dry.

The skin becomes dry and dirty

After washing the hands or after the bath, the skin is tightened.

The skin may become dry. The amount of dead cells on the skin increases.

Many times the skin is bursting, especially in winter, the ankles of the lips are more visible.

Winter means the advent of all these problems that we have to be aware of the skin in winter.

Waking up in the morning and understanding the religion of your skin should be washed with soap with face wash or soft moisturizer. One day after scrubbing the skin, the dead cells of the skin are removed, and the skin is bright.

How can I get beautiful face in winter?

The skin is a suitable system for the skin for the skin for a while, and the skin is beautiful if the carrot juice is washed for a while.

In winter, the use of alkaline soap should be reduced. Using soap should use moist soap so that it will reduce the skin of the skin. The skin is beautiful when using light varieties of oil in the winter. Olive oil coconut oil or many other oils can also be used in the body, but before using the oil it is suitable for your skin.

Before going to the winter night, the sun protection must be taken with the heat of the excess sun before going to the sun's light for the skin and the sunscreen should be rubbed.

Using regular moisturizing lotions before going to bed at night will relieve the skin of the skin. In addition, those who are younger can use petroleum jelly before going to bed, it is better to use night cream in thirty-three years.

But yes, winter means a good moisturizer for the skin. You can keep the skin tenderness by using moisturizer on the skin in the winter. You must be aware of the moisturizer selection you will use, your skin -suitable motorization.

Moreover, try to wash your face with warm water during the winter washing. Excess cold water will damage the skin. In hot water, the normal oily feeling and humidity of the skin will be okay.

Do not use lemons to brighten the skin in the winter. Lemon contains acids that dry the cold skin, so it is best not to use skin lemon in winter.

Drink plenty of water to keep the skin bright in the winter. If there is no moisture from inside the body in winter, it will impress the skin. Adequate water should be drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water on an urgent day.

Drink fruit juice and dab water. Ginger tea can be consumed with a cup of ginger every day.

Elvira is a very beneficial natural ingredient for the skin in the winter. Aloevara removes dryness in the mouth, so you can mix a glass of water and half a cup of aloe vera gel and eat aloe vera as a face pack on your skin.

In winter, olive oil not only adds you to the moisture, it also acts as a natural cleanser and scrub. This winter, it is possible to get excess skin brightness that is possible to get through the use of olive oil.

Be sure to use winter sunscreen. When you get out of the time, use SPF 1 to 5 full sunscreens. It will keep your skin brighter and the feeling of itching will go away.

Do not use excess hot water on the skin in the winter.

Excessive hot water destroys the skin follicles on the face. Hot water helps keep the skin moist, so mixing a few drops of jojoba or almond oil in the water during the bath to keep the skin moisture will help to moist and smooth your skin.

In winter, many vegetables are available. Fruits and vegetables meet the required deficiencies in our body. Try to eat more vegetables. Because the vitamins in this vegetable will keep your health and skin fresh, so there is no alternative to eating formula vegetables.

As winter comes, our body should be careful about the skin. In the winter air, our skin becomes dry and rough. The skin glue is reduced. Therefore, everyone should do the tasks mentioned to hold the glow of the skin and to keep the skin free from dryness.

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