How to take care of boys' skin in winter

With the arrival of winter, the roughness and dryness of the skin begins. Due to being born as a boy, the skin will not be rough in the dry season or
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How to take care of boys' skin in winter

Man's Skin Care

With the arrival of winter, the roughness and dryness of the skin begins. Due to being born as a boy, the skin will not be rough in the dry season or the lips will not crack, so at this time the skin of the boys also need special care. 

There are also many things to do in the skin care of boys in winter. It is mostly seen that boys are indifferent in the context of skin care.

The main topic of discussion with you today is what to do in the skin care of boys in winter. How it is possible to ensure the protection of boys' skin. Let's get to the main discussion.

In the winter, all the boys and girls have problems on the skin. However, while girls are aware of the safety of their skin, boys are always indifferent to skin care. It has more dirt on the skin of boys, and boys have more issues than girls.

Boys and girls do not understand the roughness of the skin in winter. In winter, everyone's skin suffers from dryness and roughness. Because at this time, the humidity of the air decreases, which forces the skin to be dry and rough. For which everyone's skin needs special care at this time.

Taking care of boys' skin in winter

Some essential tips on skin care for boys in winter

* Children use soap naturally in the bath, but this soap is harmful to the skin in winter. Because the high pH in it damages the skin. 

Therefore, clean sir should be used in skin care in winter. It is best to try to use a cleanser to clean the face throughout the year.

* Try to exfoliate the man's skin. Because it will remove the dead skin cells and the skin will be health water and moisturized from the inside. Try exfoliating for 5 to 10 minutes at least twice a week.

* In winter, the lips are the most affected. In the case of both boys and girls, the problem of dry lips is seen in the winter. Use lip balm or glycerin on the lips regularly to resolve lip cracks. You can also scrub the lips occasionally.

* In winter, the moisturizer plays a helpful role in keeping the skin supple. Boys' skin becomes dry in winter, so boys can also use moisturizer to accept the skin to remove the dryness of the skin.

* The issue of cracking winter ankles is nothing new, especially men have to suffer more from this problem. This shows how useful it is for our skin. To get rid of the issue of ankle cracks in the winter, try to wear socks.

And if it bursts, soak the feet in warm water for 10 minutes and apply the foot cream on the ankle.

* After shaving, there is a separate pressure on the face. After shaving, the skin of the boys becomes more scaly. So while shaving, you must use a good shaving cream and after-shave after saving, it will get rid of skin roughness.

* Bathing in winter is a regular occurrence for boys. If you do not bathe regularly, the skin gets damaged by the dirt of the body.

And in the winter, we prefer hot water for bathing. But excessive hot water is harmful to the skin, so bathing with extra hot water should be avoided, but yes, excessive cold water is not good for the body, so it is better to bathe in winter with lukewarm water.

* Beard enhances the beauty of the face of boys, but it is difficult to keep the beard beautiful in winter. In winter, the beard may become rough and break. 

So beard oil is needed to keep the beard beautiful in winter. When it is applied under the skin and on the beard, the beard is beautiful.

What you should do regularly to keep boys' skin beautiful in winter

Boys should take regular skin care to keep their skin beautiful in the winter. Because winter means roughness and roughness of the skin.

Skin care

Wake up in the morning and wash your face with lukewarm water and then use moisturizing lotion according to the grip.

The problem of blackheads increases in the face in winter, so one should scrub with natural ingredients once a week.

According to the skin type, natural ingredients such as cucumber carrot olive oil honey sour yogurt can be made with aloe vera and apply it on the face itself.

When do you use a face wash on the skin? After coming from outside?  It is not only necessary to clean the face with a face wash after coming from outside, but you should wake up in the morning and practice cleaning the face with fresh wash. Whether the skin is dry or oily, face wash should be used according to the skin grip.


After cleaning the face with a face wash or cleanser, moisturizer or cream should be applied to the face in the winter. Because the humidity of winter air is low, the skin remains dry and there is no substitute for moisturizer to soften dry skin.


Although the outside sun is comfortable for the body in winter, the ultraviolet light of this sun damages the skin. So, both children should use sunscreen before going out. Sunscreen protects the skin from sunlight.

Skin care of the body

In winter, not only the face, but the whole body is rough. So to remove the roughness of the body, you can use a lotion with moisturizer, also using olive oil or coconut oil in the body, the skin of the body is soft and gets rid of dryness.

Lip care

In the winter, the problems in the lips are a little more visible, the skin of the lips rises, the lips burst, blood comes through the lips of many. Especially in the case of boys, lip issues are more common. 

Regular lip balm Vaseline or glycerin should be used to remove these issues in the lips. Apart from this, making a scrub with honey and sugar and massaging the lips can get rid of such issues.

Hair care

In winter, hair, like the skin, loses its moisture. So at this time, along with the skin, the eyes also need extra care. Many people think that shampooing the hair every day spoils the hair. But this idea is that if you shampoo the hair every day by following the wrong rules, the hair is beautiful.

However, it is better to shampoo after one day. Before shampooing, shampoo using olive oil honey lemon juice or cold tea liqueur to remove the roughness of the hair. After a minute of shampooing, use conditioner on the hair, which will remove the roughness of the hair.

Foot care

With the arrival of winter, there are various types of problems in the feet. The bad smell coming out of the torn leg of the foot. Use foot cream on the feet to remove the issue of foot cracks.  

And use regular perforated socks. To avoid the bad smell of the feet, put the shoes in the sun after wearing shoes every day. Wash the socks every day after giving it to the feet and dry it in the sun.

Apart from this, the dirt in the nails also causes bad breath in the feet, so try to pedicure at least twice a month.

Take a bath regularly

Many people do not bathe regularly in winter. This is more common in boys. Not bathing gives rise to many skin issues in the winter. To avoid these issues, take a bath with warm water in the winter regularly. And use soap with a moisturizer.

Drinking water

It is always important for the body to have enough water in the winter heat. Due to the arrival of winter, many people drink less water. But that's not right. Rather, drink more water to protect the skin in the winter.


The seasonal vegetables that are available in winter contain many vitamins and nutrients which are very beneficial for the skin and body, so try to eat more of these seasonal vegetables in the winter, which provides nutrition from the inside for the skin of both the children.

The arrival of winter means a change in nature. Our skin changes immediately. Both boys and girls face skin issues in the winter. 

Although girls take care of the skin regularly, boys are indifferent to skin care, due to which skin issues are more visible in boys as well. To avoid skin issues in boys, the above-mentioned things should be done regularly. Stay healthy in winter and have beautiful skin.

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