Take care of your skin in winter as per your routine

Skin care in winter—Skin needs extra care in winter than other seasons of the year. At this time, we have to be careful with our skin. Because winter
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Take care of your skin in winter as per your routine

Skin care in winter—Skin needs extra care in winter than other seasons of the year. At this time, we have to be careful with our skin. Because winter comes with problems like rash, dry and flex patches. 

These issues are a sign of dehydration of the skin. As a result, the moisture in the skin decreases. To get rid of all these skin issues, the skin has to be taken care of in the winter according to the routine.

Our topic of discussion today is how to take care of the skin to keep the skin healthy and beautiful according to the routine in winter. I hope you will benefit from getting some important information about this topic. And take care of the skin.

The biggest task in winter is skin to care. Seasonal changes not only affect nature, but also our mind and our skin. However, if you take care of the skin by following the right routine, it will bring nutrients inside the skin.

Some essential tips for skin care in winter

* Drink plenty of water to keep the skin moist in the winter.

Try to eat plenty of vegetables in the winter to keep the skin beautiful.

* Aloe vera gel and honey in winter is a beneficial natural ingredient for the skin which plays the role of a moisturizer. Mix honey with aloe vera gel and make a pack and apply it on the face and keep it for 10 minutes and wash the face one with lukewarm water.

In winter, not only the skin, but also our lips have problems. At this time, the lips burst, blood comes out of the lips, to remove these issues, use glycerin or Vaseline on the lips.

* In winter, you must use a good moisturizer, but those who have more acne issues in the face, they can use a little water mixed with the moisturizer.

* Use sunscreen on the skin half an hour before going out in the winter.

Exfoliate the skin every day

Most of the dead cells are born on the skin in winter. It clogs the follicles and obstructs the radiation of the skin. So exfoliate your skin twice a week to prevent the buildup of dead cells on your skin.

Use a cleanser

It is critical to use a cleanser for the skin in winter. However, keep in mind that since the skin of winter is already dry, such a cleanser should be used so that the skin does not become more dry. The moisture of the skin should be maintained.

DY face mask for winter

Take care of your skin in winter as per your routine

A face mask can hydrate your skin and remove dirt from the skin. Honey Malay or milk facemask is best for winter. This helps to moisturize the skin. Honey removes the bacteria responsible for increasing acne on your skin. 

Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of Malay and apply it on the face and wash it off with lukewarm water after fifteen minutes. This will make your skin smooth and soft.

Use lukewarm water

Due to the low temperature in winter, it is not possible to wash the bath with cold water. As a result, we are forced to use hot water, but remember that excessive hot water is harmful to the skin. 

As a result, the skin loses its softness and becomes dry, so to maintain the dirtiness of the skin, you should always avoid excessive hot water in the winter and use warm water.


It is important to use toner in skin care in winter. After washing the face every day, toner should be applied to the face. In this case, choose the toner according to you then.


In winter, use serum according to your skin to provide nutrients from the inside to the skin. This will remove the impression of aging in the middle of the skin. And will help brighten the skin.

Skin care in the morning

Skin care needs to be taken from the morning to the time you go to bed in the winter. So start skin care from the morning. According to your skin type, wash your face with a face wash with a gentle moisturizer. 

Moreover, take care of the skin in a homely way.  Apply a carrot juice on the face and after a while wash the face with light hot water, it will moisturize the skin and reduce the stains on the face.

Skin care during bathing

Before bathing, heat olive oil or coconut oil lightly and massage the body, which will reduce the scaliness of the skin. Furthermore, those who use soap in the bath will use soap with moisture and remember that bathing with excessive hot water damages the skin. 

Therefore, doctors advise using light hot water at all times. After bathing, you must use a moisturizer on the skin.

Skin care before stepping out

Although the outdoor sun is comfortable in winter, it is harmful to the skin. Many of us do not use sunscreen before going out in the winter, which is an extreme type of wrong. This will get rid of the skin from sunburn.

Skin care in the afternoon

Use a lotion with moisturizer on the skin in the afternoon, you can apply it to the skin all over the body, also apply honey on the skin in the afternoon and wash it after a while.

Skin care at night

Clean the skin by applying cleansing milk to the skin before going to bed at night. It's important to scrub the skin before going to bed at night, but not every day. Scrubbing every day causes skin damage. 

Use a moisturizer on the skin at night. Massage the skin with any agonic oil before going to bed at night. In this, the skin relaxes and sleeps well at night. If you massage for at least 15 minutes, you will benefit.

Drinking enough water in the winter

In winter, we have less thirst for water, so we may be drinking less. By doing this, the problem of acne on our skin increases and the lips become dry. There are many other types of issues due to which we should drink more water in the winter.

How to take care of your skin in the winter naturally?

It is best to take care of the skin naturally in the winter. Skin is always fresh when taken care of, the skin naturally. Natural ingredients help to remove dryness by retaining moisture in the skin. Honey olive oil aloe vera almond oil coconut oil for skin care in winter keeps the skin moisturized and maintains skin tenderness.

Why does the skin become dry in winter?

One of the major reasons why the skin becomes dry in winter is that the air absorbs the moisture above the skin. This causes the skin to become scaly. Furthermore, when exposed to chemicals or water, the skin becomes dry.

How do I take care of my skin in the winter during pregnancy?

A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby. So in the winter, a pregnant mother has to be aware of skin and health care. What should be done to take care of the skin and health of the pregnant mother.

* Eat more vegetables, which will keep the skin fresh. Eating fresh fruits will nourish the skin and the body will be healthy.

A pregnant mother needs enough sleep to keep her skin and health good in the winter.

* Regular skin cleansing should be done so that dead skin cells will be removed. So, you can use a face wash with a cleanser or moisturizer to clean, but if your skin is more sensitive, it is important to consult a doctor.

* Regular skin moisturizer should be used during pregnancy to avoid dryness of the skin.

* Drink enough water to protect the skin and health of the pregnant mother in the winter.

* Of course, at this time, try to take care of the skin naturally by reducing taking care of the skin artificially.

In this way, taking care of the skin according to the routine can be protected from the harmful grip of winter skin. So in the winter, the skin should be taken care of according to the routine for skin health. 

Home remedies are the best solution to protect against various skin problems in winter. But it is not always possible to take care of the skin at home, so artificial cosmetics are used.

However, we have to be careful in the use of artificial cosmetics. Cosmetics containing harmful chemicals should be discarded. And of course, according to the skin type of the person who has to use artificial cosmetics; otherwise the skin will be damaged.

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